Renew my books

Books that are borrowed from the library will be due to be returned on or within two weeks of the day that they were borrowed, You may renew your books one time to extend the expiration date by three weeks. Scroll down for detailed renewal terms.

You may renew in three ways:

  • in person (go to Contact page for hours and directions)
  • by voicemail (instructions below)
  • online (complete the form below)

Renew by voicemail

To renew book by voicemail, call (717) 874-0517. Please provide:

  • name of cardholder
  • library card number
  • statement number you used when borrowing the books (this is located on the top right corner of the statement slip that you wrote the book titles on)

If you are not renewing all of your books, please provide the titles of the books that you want to renew

Renew online

Renewal terms

Books that are borrowed from the library will be due to be returned on or within three weeks of the day that they were borrowed, unless otherwise marked on the book. You may renew one time which will add three weeks of time to your books. You cannot have books for more than six weeks total. It is up to the cardholder to keep track of the due date. We will charge a fee of twenty cents per book, per day, for all overdue books, up to a maximum of five dollars. Also, you will be charged the full value for each book that is not returned after sixty days of the due date and they will become your property. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Stoltzfus Christian Library has the right to revoke the validity of your library card at any time without prior notice.


Late fees for books/materials are 20¢ per day with a maximum fee of $5.00 per item.

$1 per day for all sets of CD’s with a maximum of $5 per item. If it is a single CD it qualifies for the 20¢ per day books/materials fee.


First Notice at 3 Weeks

The first overdue notice will be sent to the most recent address listed in the library records for the patron account when the item is 3 weeks overdue. The notice will include a list of overdue books/materials.

Failure to return the items listed in this notice within 10 days of the date of this notice will result in a suspension of a cardholder’s Stoltzfus Christian Library borrowing privileges until the account is cleared.

Failure to return these items within 4 weeks after the original due date will result in a charge to the cardholder’s account for the replacement cost of the materials.

Second Notice: Bill for replacement at 4 weeks

The second notice is sent when the item is 4 weeks overdue. This is a bill for the replacement of the books. If the billed items are found and returned, you need only pay the late fees.