Welcome to Our Library!

Thanks for checking out our self-service library located in the heart of Lancaster County.

We are a private library, open to the public, and currently have 4500+ family-friendly books. We provide quality books and information on various subjects, including Anabaptist history, Biblical subjects, family life, child raising, courtship, marriage, study guides for ministers and teachers, children’s books, educational, gardening, Landscaping, health, and much more.

“Absolutely a great selection of books, and wonderful study helps in your Christian walk with God.”

– William J.

Vision Statement

To promote literacy.

To reach the local community with the love of Jesus through Christian books and educational resources.

Mission Statement

It is our desire to provide good quality, Biblically sound information, and literature. That God would use the information that we provide to his Honor and Glory. That many souls would be drawn to God, and come to salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.