Open House 2021

Dear Library Patron, 6/26/2021 6th Anniversary Celebration Our 6th Open House is just around the corner! Your whole family is invited to attend the annual Library Open House on: Saturday July 10, 2021. In April of 2020, we were planning our 5th Open House with various activities throughout the day. Unfortunately, that was right over … Read more

December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Library Patron, Indeed, it has been an interesting year! I don’t ever remember having gone through a year quite like this one. Shutdown, businesses closing, no church for weeks on end, quarantine, masks, racism, plundering, looting, stealing, and finally, elections. Through it all, one thing is certain: GOD HAS NOT CHANGED! Nor has His … Read more

December 2019 Newsletter

Dear Library Patron, It has been said: “The only thing we learn from history; is that we don’t learn from history”. Recently I’ve been struck by the headlines that state: “In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace” In the meantime, Agnosticism and Atheism is growing by leaps and bounds! Someone who is Agnostic … Read more

November 2018 Newsletter

Dear Library Member, It is a privilege to once again be able to write an update letter. Another year has swiftly passed by. A year of good times, and bad times, fun times, and sad times, victories, and yes, even some mistakes. Sometimes I ponder, wouldn’t it be nice if I could retract, go back … Read more

March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Library Member, Looking over the past two years that the library was in operation. I am again overwhelmed by the goodness of God. When we opened the library nearly two years ago it was my prayer that God would somehow bless the work. Most of all, my prayer was, and still is, that people’s … Read more

October 2016 Newsletter

Blessings!! This is the thought that comes to me as I think over the past month. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the goodness of God? Even though life isn’t perfect, God is, and He is working in the lives of “us” his children here on earth. One of the things that has been a … Read more

January 2016 Newsletter

Dear Library Member, Wow! I can hardly believe that the library has nearly seen it’s first year already! For those who are interested, I will start this first annual update letter with a story of how and why the Library came about. My name is Sam Stoltzfus, Ever since I was young I have really … Read more